Unlock Your Home's Full Potential: 6 Compelling Reasons Why Seller's Should Compensate the Buyer's Broker

Dated: April 21 2024

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The New York Times recently posed the question: "Do I have to pay a buyer broker when I hire an agent?" The answer, both historically and presently, is a resounding "No." Of course, you could have chosen to sell your house independently or opt out of compensating the buyer's broker during the listing process. However, just because you can forgo certain actions doesn't mean it's wise to do so. Consider this: I could have skipped my morning shower today, but I didn't—why? Because it's in my best interest. Similarly, when you choose not to offer compensation to the buyer's broker, you inadvertently place yourself at a competitive disadvantage in the housing market. It's not about adhering to a rule; it's about maximizing your opportunities and ensuring the most favorable outcome for the highest sale price, and the best terms, in the shortest time possible. 

Just like you, the buyer is focused on their bottom line. By not including a buyer broker fee, you're significantly reducing the pool of potential buyers interested in your property. This diminishes buyer demand, exposure, and overall interest. It's not just buyers who are affected, but agents too, as they naturally prioritize showing and selling homes with higher compensation. While you're not obligated to pay a buyer's broker, doing so can greatly increase your chances of getting what you want from the sale of your home. 

The buyer has a lot on their plate when purchasing a home, from worrying about their down payment, lender and title fees to inspections costs and moving expenses. Buying a house demands both time and money. Now, if you tack on the buyer's agent fee to this long list of expenses, many buyers might find it tough to afford your property or simply decide against it altogether! It's crucial to remember that these aforementioned costs come straight out of the buyer's pocket, and they can't roll them into their loan. 

While it may seem like your saving money by opting out of paying a buyer's agent fee upfront, there's a silver lining to consider. You've already reaped the benefits of this arrangement when you purchased your current home – the one you now want to sell, and you stand to gain from it again with your next purchase. This current system has played a pivotal role in shaping the real estate landscape we currently enjoy, characterized by record prices and historic equity levels. While it might not be your favorite aspect of the system, it's undeniably responsible for the strength of our market. So, while skipping the buyer's broker fee is an option, it's crucial to weigh whether it truly serves your best interests in the broader context. 

Here are the 6 Compelling Reasons Why Smart Sellers Pay a Buyer’s Broker: 

Competitive Advantage: Paying the buyer’s agent’s commission ensures the seller's property stands out in the market. By offering compensation to the buyer's agent, they are more likely to be enthusiastic about showing and selling the home.  This will now be part of the series of questions a buyer initially asks their agent about the home even before they see it, how many bedrooms and baths? What is the square feet? What’s the price? How much is the flood insurance? Is the seller willing to pay the buyer broker fee? 

Deeper Buyer Pool: Not offering a buyer broker fee can limit the number of interested buyers, and motivated agents. Paying the buyer’s broker commission expands the buyer pool, increasing demand, exposure, showings and ultimately, the chances of securing a sale that you’re happy with and that may even exceed your expectations. 

Financial Accessibility: Sellers are paying for access. Buyers are mindful of additional expenses in addition to what is customary in buying a home. Including the commission in the sale makes the property more financially accessible to a broader range of buyers, maximizing the seller's potential for a smooth, hassle-free sale. 

Industry Benefits: The current real estate system, despite its imperfections, has led to record levels of equity and personal freedom. Sellers have benefited from this system for over a hundred years. Real estate will continue to be an important pillar of a strong economy which depends on a vibrant housing market. 

Market Strength: The existing system has fostered an unprecedented real estate market, enabling sellers to command favorable prices for their properties. Sellers want fair market value for their home, doesn’t it make sense to pay a fair market commission rate that ensures sellers can capitalize on the strength of the market to achieve their desired selling price? 

Paying a real estate professionals is a strategic investment that enhances the seller’s ability to effectively market their home, attract potential buyers, and ultimately, secure a successful sale at the best possible price. While sellers may not be obligated to pay the buyer's broker fee, doing so aligns with their best interests in maximizing their selling opportunities and benefiting from a robust real estate market.

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Unlock Your Home's Full Potential: 6 Compelling Reasons Why Seller's Should Compensate the Buyer's Broker

The New York Times recently posed the question: "Do I have to pay a buyer broker when I hire an agent?" The answer, both historically and presently, is a resounding "No." Of course, you could have

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